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A Super Bowl bet turns into a multi-generational family legacy - Jeff Wayne

Jeff Wayne is the President and CEO of Max ERC Refund and comes from a family of serial entrepreneurs. He is the owner and operator of multiple Cycle Bar franchises, M...

Leading a Work Revolution with Technology - Jason Radisson, CEO and Founder of ShiftOne

Jason Radisson is the CEO and Founder of ShiftOne...a company helping lead a work revolution for frontline workers solving employment problems with technology.

The Bourbon Whisperer - The Art, Science, and History of American Bourbon with Rod Arnold

Rod Arnold discusses his leap from a 30+ year career as a healthcare executive and marketing to start a new career as the "Bourbon Whisperer" to share his passion for ...

Helping Bring Professional Soccer to America with Brett M. Johnson - CEO of Benevolent Capital

Brett M. Johnson shares insight and advice he learned during his career, which found him taking a leap from steady W2 income to becoming an entrepreneur and helping br...

Dr. Sajjan Gohel - Author of "Doctor, Teacher, Terrorist" - The Making of a Global Terrorist Leader

Dr. Sajjan Gohel, the author of the forthcoming book "Doctor, Teacher, Terrorist" discusses the making of a global terrorist Dr. Ayman al-Zawahari, the learnings of th...

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