We’ve entered a new global economy. With the rise of part-time gigs, side hustles and changes in technology, we are exposed to a rapidly changing world and we need to make new plans to navigate these changes to seize on new opportunities for success. Wherever you find yourself in your career and life, this pod is aimed to be a resource to equip and empower you to take the next leap with confidence. Host Robert Dickie brings his passion and expertise to this conversation. As a hired gun CEO for three global companies, a former US Air Force Captain, and YPO member he has taken many leaps in his career. With each leap, he has had the opportunity to learn from incredible leaders in various career fields. He learned about success and failure and more importantly, learned foundational principles and tactics leaders used to navigate their careers and companies to take advantage of opportunities in this new economy. With this pod, he interviews prominent thought leaders, industry icons, CEOs, executives, and business owners to understand what they have learned and the perspectives they have about the rapidly changing world around us. Follow him on Twitter @RobertDickie and at www.RobertDickie.com.
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