We’ve entered a new economy. With the rise of part-time gigs and side hustles in addition to the changes in technology, we are exposed to a variety of challenges in our career journeys. However, we’re also presented with unique opportunities to grow, change, and lead. Wherever you find yourself in this new economy, this podcast is aimed to be a tool to equip and empower you to take your leap and grow into your unique potential. Hosted by Bob Dickie, he brings a passion and expertise to this niche area. As a CEO and Co-Founder of Bonvera, former US Air Force Captain, UT Alumnus and track and field star, and father of six, he has taken many leaps in his career. With each leap, he learned something new about himself, about others, about success, and about failure. He partners together with prominent thought leaders, industry icons, CEOs, executives, and business owners to talk through how we can leverage lessons from one another to become the best versions of ourselves. We’re ready to take the leap. Are you?

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