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JP Sicotte is the branch leader for Movement Mortgage in Littleton, Colorado. He is passionate about helping every client find the ideal loan package for their home or investment property. He is best known for his short, insightful, "Mustache Mortgage Minute" videos on Linkedin and Instagram. JP is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and was a track and field athlete while he was a cadet. He served in the Air Force for over 23 years as a navigator of the RC135 and C-130 aircraft, having multiple deployments around the globe. He also completed his MBA in Finance from the University of Colorado. 

Homeownership and understanding real estate is a foundational tenet in building wealth. The market is very dynamic at the moment, with interest rates fluctuating and home prices on the move. Everyone I meet from young people starting out looking for their first home, to mid-career professionals looking for a vacation home, and late-career professionals considering downsizing or moving to their retirement destination…seems to be talking about real estate. I could not wait to have this conversation with JP and hear his insights on this market and advice for those ready to make "the leap".  I know you will learn something new in this conversation. 

Show Notes:

4:00 – Bob asks JP to tell us what is happening in the American real estate and mortgage markets. JP unpacks this for the listeners who may be in the process of making a big decision. JP begins by discussing the high-interest rate and lack of affordability.
7:30 – JP encourages those in the market to get in now. He gives his housing market predictions and forecasts.
12:30 – JP discusses his belief in the significance of real estate for the American family building wealth. Quote– “When is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. When is the next best time? Now.”
14:40 – Bob asks JP’s advice for newlywed young adults who are looking to buy their first home. Bob then asks JP what the wise things young adults can be doing now in preparation for buying their first home.
22:30 – JP advises how to improve your credit score in preparation for purchasing a home.
25:30 – JP gives his advice to people in mid-career who are looking for a vacation home.
28:00 – JP gives his thoughts on Airbnb vs. Vrbo
29:40 – Bob asks JP what those near retiring are asking and things they need to be doing in advance to prepare.
33:30 – JP talks about American homeowners tapping into equity to pay bills and pay down debt and gives his insight on the best ways.
37:30 – Bob touches on JP’s background and asks what drew him to the real estate industry from serving in the Air Force. JP gives how he applies his discipline and learnings from the military in his real estate and financing.
42:00 – Bob and JP reminisce on their favorite planes that they flew in the military and their favorite aspects of being in the Air Force.
50:00 – Bob and JP share how their military backgrounds shaped the way they view the significance of teamwork and how they take that into their respective careers. 
52:20 – Bob asks JP how the military core values of integrity, honesty, and building trust show up in his career now. Quote– “I really do think that I am a bit of a breath of fresh air for people to know that I am working to figure out what is in their best interest.”
53:50 – JP tells us what people should be looking for to ensure that they get someone who is honest and forthcoming when looking for a mortgage advisor.
55:40 – AI is changing every industry. JP shares how he views AI impacting his industry and jobs within the industry. Quote– “I do love the ability to leverage AI, but it definitely is not perfect.”
57:40 – Bob asks JP what books he is currently reading to continue learning and growing.
Book recommendations: “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius, Ryan Holiday’s books, “Outlive” by Peter Attia
1:00:00 – Bob asks JP what he would say if he was invited to inspire and encourage our nation via the State of the Union Address. Quote– “Let’s all focus on the things we agree on and believe in.” JP highlights the importance of focusing on the elements in life we agree on instead of our differences. 
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